TSD 2014

Texas Systems Day is a one day event to promote interaction between researchers in Texas who are working in the area of systems, controls and robotics.


March 28th, 2014.


Symposium: Rm 301, Rudder Tower, College Station, TX.

Reception/Poster Session: Room 110 Koldus Building, College Station, TX

Symposium Schedule

Rm 301, Rudder Tower, College Station, TX.

8:00 Registration

8:30 Opening Remarks

9:00 – 10:00 Plenary Talk. Speaker: Dr. Jessy W. Grizzle.

10:00 – 10:15 Break

10:15 – 12:15 Presentations (20 mins each)

  1. Translational Control Design for Lower-Limb Prosthetics and Orthotics: Lessons from Robot Locomotion Dr. Robert Gregg, Mechanical Engineering & Bio Engineering, UT Dallas
  2. Real-Time Optimization with Applications in Visual Search Dr. Nick Gans, Electrical Engineering, UT Dallas
  3. Multiscale Robotics and Control: from Microns and Millimeters to Human Size, Dr. Dan Popa, Electrical Engineering, Next Generation Systems (NGS) lab and UT Arlington Research Institute
  4. Modeling and Simulation of Simultaneous Multi-Point Impact and Contact with Friction, Dr. Alan Bowling, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, UT Arlington.
  5. Architectures for Learning and Representation in Robotics,  Dr. Mohan Sridharan, Computer Science, Texas Tech.
  6. UDE-Based Robust Control for a Class of Nonlinear Non-Affine Systems, Dr. Beibei Ren, Mechanical Engineering, Texas Tech.

12:15 – 1:30 Lunch Break

1:30 – 3:30 Presentations (20 mins each)

  1. Decentralized Spatial Partitioning Algorithms  Based on State-Transition Cost Metrics Dr. Efstathios Bakolas, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, UT Austin
  2. Convexification and Real-Time Convex Optimization for Constrained Robot Motion Planning and Control, Dr. Behcet Acikmese, Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics, UT Austin
  3. Tracking and Optimal Control in Head/Eye Coordination, Dr. Indika Wijayasinghe, Mathematics, Sam Houston State University
  4. Automatic Safety Verification of Distributed Cyber-Physical Systems, Dr. Taylor Johnson,Computer Science & Engineering, UT Arlington.
  5. Distributed Control of Building Energy Systems, Dr. Bryan Rasmussen, Mechanical Engineering, Texas A&M University
  6. Computational Uncertainty in Cyber Physical Systems, Dr. Raktim Bhattacharya, Aerospace Engineering, Texas A&M University.

3:30 – 3:45 Break

3:45 – 5:00 Roundtable discussion “Future Directions in Systems, Control & Robotics“.

  • Confirmed Panelists: Dr. Ari Arapostathis, Dr. Mathukumalli Vidyasagar, Dr. Mark Spong, Dr. Aniruddha Dutta, Dr. Clyde Martin.

5:00 – 6:30 Poster Session (with 30sec/poster introduction) and Reception (Room 110 Koldus Building, College Station, TX)

Poster Presentation


  1. Near-Ideal Behavior of Compressed Sensing Algorithms, M. Eren Ahsen, M. Vidyasagar
  2. Collision-free Formation Control with Decentralized Connectivity Preservation for Nonholonomic Wheeled Mobile Robots, Aykut Satici, Dr. M. Spong
  3. A Survey of Phase Variable Candidates of Human Locomotion, Dario Villarreal, Dr. R. Gregg
  4. Moving Target Acquisition Through State Uncertainty Minimization, Pablo Ramirez, Dr. Nick Gans
  5. Transient Thermal Conductivity Measurement of Geological Samples, Chandika Annasiwatta, Dr. Jordan Berg
  6. Optimal Control Problems in Binocular Vision, Methma M. Rajamuni, Dr. Bijoy Ghosh
  7. On the Existence of Classical Solutions for a Two-point Boundary Value Problem for the Navier-Stokes Equations, Bhagya Athukorallage, Dr. Ram Iyer
  8. Dimensionality Reduction of Synchrophasor Data for Early Event Detection in Power Grids, Yang Chen, Dr. Le Xie, Dr. P. R. Kumar.
  9. Model-Based Design and Analysis of a Continuous-Culture Bioreactor for Systems Biology Experiments, Luan Viet Nguyen and Dr. Taylor Johnson.
  10. Autonomous UAVs for Conducting Building Energy Audits, Christopher Bay and Trevor Terrill, Dr. Bryan Rasmussen.
  11. Convexification and Real-Time Convex Optimization for Constrained Robot Motion Planning and Control, Daniel Dueri, Dr. Behcet Acikmese
  12. Quantifying Uncertainty in Networked Robotic Systems, Tahir Ahmed, Dr. Dylan Shell
  13. Modeling Resource Contention and Interference in Multi-Robot Task-Allocation, Changjoo Nam, Dr. Dylan Shell.
  14. Computing Cell-Based Decompositions Dynamically for Planning Motions of Tethered Robots, Reza Hosseini Teshnizi, Dr. Dylan Shell
  15. Control and Coordination Among Heterogeneous Swarms Subject to Imperfect Communication Topologies , Miki Szmuk, Dr. Maruthi R. Akella
  16. Closed-Loop Control of Shock Location to Prevent Scramjet Inlet Unstart, Jonathan Ashley, Dr. Maruthi R. Akella
  17. Terrain-Aided Navigation Through Recursive Bayesian Estimation, Brian Copp, Dr. Kamesh Subbarao
  18. SkinSim: A Multimodal Simulation Environment for Robot Skin, Md. Ahsan Habib, Isura Ranatunga, Kyle Shook, Dr. Dan Popa
  19. Advanced Human-Machine Interfaces for Assistive Robotics, Rommel Alonzo, Sven Cremer, Nahum A. Torres, Dr. Dan Popa.
  20. Coordinated Control for Hanson Androids, Corina Bogdan, Sumit Das, Ahsan Habib, Abhishek Thakurdesai, Dr. Dan Popa.
  21. Iterative Temporal Motion Planning for Hybrid Systems in Partially Unknown Environments, Morteza Lahijanian, Dr. Lydia Kavraki


  • The participants will bring  posters (single chart, standard conference  36″ tall, 48″ wide) with them.
  • Conference will provide boards and pins.
  • If there is need for a custom size, we will try to accommodate them. Please make request in advance
  • Please submit name of the student, advisor and title.

Parking Information

Entrances to the University Center Parking Garage are on Houston Street and on Throckmorton Street, just south of Joe Routt Boulevard. Click here for parking rates and availability.

Hotel Information

The College Station Hilton and Conference Center has a block of 20 rooms for the Texas Systems Day.  The rooms are for Thursday and Friday, March 27 and 28, 2014.  The rate is $97.00 per night (plus applicable taxes), which is the state rate for this area.  The cutoff date is March 6, 2014, 5:00 PM.  Please make your reservations before that date.

To reserve a room, please call the central reservation system at 1-800-445-8667 and request reservations under the Texas Systems Day.

List of other nearby hotels are available here: http://www.visitaggieland.com/hotels/hotels-motels-inns/

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