2017 Texas Systems Day

TSD 2017

Texas Systems Day is a one day event to promote interaction between researchers in Texas who are working in the area of systems, controls and robotics.


March 31st, 2017.


Symposium:  Gates Ballroom (room 2400), Rudder Tower, College Station, TX.

Poster Session: Bethancourt Ballroom (2300B), Rudder Tower, College Station, TX.


Registration is free, but required. Please click here.

Program: Tentative

8:00 Registration

8:30 Opening Remarks

9:00 – 10:00 Plenary Talk. Speaker: Dr. Jonathan How

10:20 SPEAKER 1 Kamesh Namuduri IEEE P1920.1 – Standards for Self-organized Aerial Networking UNT
10:40 SPEAKER 2 Beibei Ren UDE-based Robust Droop Control of Inverters in Parallel Operation TT
11:00 SPEAKER 3 Souparno Ghosh Sequential Feature Selection and Inference using Multivariate Random Forests TT
11:20 SPEAKER 4 Yan Wan Co-Design of Networking and Decentralized Control to Enable Aerial Networks in an Uncertain Airspace UT Arlington
11:40 SPEAKER 5 Ramtin Madani Methods for Control and Optimization of Power Systems UT Arlington
12:00 SPEAKER 6 Moble Benedict Novel VTOL Micro Air Vehicle Concepts TAMU
1:40 SPEAKER 7 Joseph Sang-Il Kwon Modeling and Control of hydraulic fracturing to achieve uniform proppant concentration TAMU
2:00 SPEAKER 8 Brandon Jones Random Finite Set Based Multi-Target Filters with Object Spawning UT Austin
2:20 SPEAKER 9 Renato Zanetti A Splitting Gaussian Mixture Formilation for a Nonlinear Measurement Update UT Austin
2:40 SPEAKER 10 Matthew Brake Nonlinear System Identification for Jointed Structures Rice
3:00 BREAK
3:20 SPEAKER 11 Pedram Hassanzadeh Reduced-Order Modeling of Turbulent Flows for Flow Control and More Rice
3:40 SPEAKER 12 Yaoyu Li Optimal Energy Management of Electric Vehicles as Load and Source for Smart Buildings and Communities UT Dallas
4:00 SPEAKER 13 Justin Ruths Quantifying Attacker Capabilities in Cyber-Physical Systems UT Dallas
4:20 SPEAKER 14 Aaron T. Becker Controlling dumb swarms in a smart way UH
4:40 SPEAKER 15 Rose F System Identification of Cortisol Secretion: Characterizing Pulsatile Dynamics UH


Poster Session

5:00 – 6:30 Poster Session

Texas A&M
Gyroscopic Tensegrity System Dynamics James Hendrickson, Raman Goyal, Robert Skelton, Manaoranjan Majjii
Artificial Gravity Space Habitat Raman Goyal
Privacy-preserving tracking and state estimation Yulin Zhang
State Constrained Adaptive Control of Hypersonic Air Vehicles Douglas Famularo, Sean Whitney, and John Valasek
Nonlinear Observer for Control of Two-Time Scale Nonlinear Systems Dipanjan Saha and John Valasek
Deep Reinforcement Learning for Control of Morphing Systems Vinicius Goeks and John Valasek
Online System Identification of Unmanned Air Systems Jack Lu and John Valasek
Nonlinear Adaptive Dynamic Inversion Control For Variable Stability Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Joshua Harris and John Valasek
Heterogeneous Multi-Vehicle Modular Control Framework with Payload Integration Cameron T. Rogers and John Valasek
Design and Control of a Robot for Railroad Safety Charles Noren, Cameron Rogers, and JohnValasek
Modeling LPS-induced TNF Production in Macrophages Dongheon Lee, Yufang Ding, Arul Jayaraman, Joseph Kwon
Modeling of hydraulic fracturing and designing of online pumping schedules to achieve uniform proppant concentration Prashanth Siddhamshetty, Joseph Kwon
Bayesian Modeling of Plant Drought Resistance Pathway Aditya Lahiri, Priyadharshini Sundararajan Venkatas, Aniruddha Datta
Optimal Transport Based Satellite State Estimation Niladri Das, Raktim Bhattacharya
Control Theoretic Design of Tesegrity Based Mars Landers Shao-Chen Hsu, Raktim Bhattacharya
Design and Control of an Omni directional Quadrotor Jaewon Kim, Raktim Bhattacharya
A Novel VTOL Aircraft Design for Light-Weight High Value Payload Delivery Sunsoo Kim, Raktim Bhattacharya
Model order reduction of distributed parameter systems based on dynamic mode decomposition with control Abhinav Narasingam, Joseph Kwon
UT Dallas
Supervised Learning for Battery Pack Capacity Fade Estimation M. Pyne and S. Yurkoivch
Charge Balancing in Grid-Connected Battery Packs M. Ditsworth and S. Yurkovich
OCV Model based capacity fade estimation of Li-ion batteries using Incremental Capacity Analysis S. Ramasubramanian and S. Yurkovich
Self-tuning PI Controller for High-Performance Scanning Tunneling Microscopy F. Tajaddodianfar and R. Moheimani
A Silicon-on-Insulator MEMS Approach to On-Chip Tapping Mode Atomic Force Microscopy M. Maroufi, A. G. Fowler, and R. Moheimani
Q Control of Microfabricated Piezoelectric Cantilevers with On-Chip Feedthrough Cancellation M. B. Coskun, A. G. Fowler, and R. Moheimani
A Closed-loop MEMS Force Sensor with Adjustable Stiffness M. Maroufi, H. Alemansour, R. Moheimani
Transfemoral Amputee Experiments for Varying Speeds and Slopes using a Unified Controller for a Powered Knee-Ankle Prosthesis D. Quintero and R. Gregg
Energy Minimization for Robots Driven by Variable Stiffness Actuators E. Bolivar and R. Gregg
Stochastic optimal power flow based on data-driven distributionally robust optimization Y. Guo and T. Summers
Spoof resilient coordination in multi-robot networks V. Renganathan and T. Summers
Information structure design in team decision problems C. Li and T. Summers
Concurrent assignment and planning of trajectories in multi-robot networks B. Gravell and T. Summers
Compressed Sensing Using Expander Graphs M. Lotfi and M. Vidyasagar
Continuous Hands-Off Control via CLOT-Norm Minimization N. Challapalli, M. Nagahara and M. Vidyasagar
Parameter estimation for stochastic mobile systems J. Lin and W. Park
Road Geometry Recovery from a Single Moving Camera Y. Li and N. Gans
A 3-DOF Neuro-Adaptive Pose Correction System For Frameless and Maskless Cancer Radiotherapy O. Ogunmolua nd N. Gans
Distributed Formation Control Using Vision Feedback K. Fathian and N. Gans
University of Houston
Maximizing Swarm Coverage Mary Burbage and Aaron T. Becker
Magnetic Hammer Actuation for Tissue Penetration using Millirobots Ashwin Ramakrishnan, Julien Leclerc and Aaron T. Becker
Mapping, Foraging, and Coverage with a Particle Swarm Controlled by Uniform Inputs Arun Mahadev and Aaron T. Becker
Parallel Self-Assembly under Uniform Control Inputs Sheryl Manzoor and Aaron T. Becker
Microswimmer Swarms Aggregation and Environment Interference with a Global Input Li Huang and Aaron T. Becker
Hardware coverage algorithms with turn cost An Nguyen And Aaron T. Becker
control and mechanism study of 1 DOF SMT line Haoran Zhao, Xin Liu and Aaron T. Becker
Algorithms For Shaping a Particle Swarm With a Shared Control Input Using Friction Shiva Shahrokhi and Aaron T. Becker
MRI-Actuated millirobots Julien Leclerc, Ashwin Ramakrishnan and Aaron T. Becker
MRI-Compatible Gauss Guns Submerged in Fluid Jarrett Lonsford and Aaron T. Becker
Swarms and Their Ability to Apply Torque Lillian Lin, Shiva Shahrokhi, and Aaron T. Becker
Updating Robotics for Mathematica M. Sultan and Aaron T. Becker
Texas Tech
A System Theoretic Viewpoint of Thehuman Eye with a Corneal Contact Lens Sanjeewa Karunarathna and Ram Iyer
Asymptotic Reference Tracking and Disturbance Rejection of UDE-Based Robust Control Jiguo Dai, Qing-Chang Zhong and Beibei Ren
University of North Texas
Leader-Follower Model for Consensus Building in Sensor Networks Roya Norouzi Kandalan and Ramanpreet Singh
Analysis of Mobility Models for Conselsus Building in Sensor Networks Sindhu Alla, Ramanpreet Singh, and Roya Norouzi Kanadalan

Poster Guidelines

  • The participants will bring  posters (single chart, standard conference  36″ tall, 48″ wide) with them.
  • Conference will provide boards and pins.
  • If there is need for a custom size, we will try to accommodate them. Please make request in advance
  • Please submit name of the student, advisor and title.

Entrances to the University Center Parking Garage are on Houston Street and on Throckmorton Street, just south of Joe Routt Boulevard. Click here for parking rates and availability. Alternate parking is available at Cain Parking Garage and it is located off Gene Stallings Blvd (across from the MSC between W. Lamar and Joe Routt Blvd).

The College Station Hilton Garden Inn has a block of 20 rooms for the Texas Systems Day.   Rate is $110/night plus all applicable taxes.  The room block is listed under Texas Systems Day.  The number is 979-703-7919. Cut off date for reservation is March 16.

List of other nearby hotels are available here: http://www.visitaggieland.com/hotels/hotels-motels-inns/

Steering Committee

 Organization Committee